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Zone of Excellence vs Zone of Genius

September 14, 20233 min read

Do you know the difference between your Zone of Excellence vs. your Zone of Genius?

Apparently Event Planning seems to be one of my Zones of Excellence...

  • Became week of/day of Planner for a Quniceañera 💃🏻 where I also choreographed the waltzes

  • Was volunteered 😂 to plan the 1st family reunion 🍻 we've had in ages

  • Was asked to help plan a wedding 👰🏼‍♀️🤵🏼‍♂️💍 happening next year

My familia tells me I should turn this into a business, and don't doubt I didn't think about it for a minute, but I feel that would take the fun of it all away.

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly being pulled in multiple directions. The second we master one aspect of business, a shiny new idea pops up and grabs our attention. This makes it all too easy to keep chasing the next thing rather than nurturing our true genius.

That’s why it’s so important to define your Zone of Genius. This is the sweet spot where your innate talents and soul-sparking passions intersect. It feels almost magical and effortless when you operate here. This is where you create your most meaningful work.

For example, event planning comes very naturally to me. I can coordinate an amazing party or corporate event in my sleep. But just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it energizes me in the long-term. I’ve found that while it falls in my Excellence Zone, it is not my Genius Zone.

My true passion is in systems and strategy. I absolutely light up helping entrepreneurs streamline their operations and scale their businesses in a sustainable way. The work flows out of me and I get lost in it for hours because it’s my Genius Zone.

So while I could turn event planning into a solid business, it would eventually feel like drudgery. That’s why it’s so important I delegate those tasks rather than pouring my limited time and energy into an area that isn’t my superpower.

Here are 5 steps you can take to identify your Zone of Genius: 

  1. Make a list of your natural talents and skills that come easily to you. These are things you excel at without much conscious effort.

  2. Write down the activities and topics that spark joy and excitement for you. When do you lose track of time or get into a state of flow?

  3. Look at the intersections between your talents and passions. Do any patterns emerge? These sweet spots provide clues to your Zone of Genius.

  4. Pay attention to when you feel energized and alive vs drained or bored. Our genius activities give us energy.

  5. Experiment and observe how different tasks and projects impact your mood and energy. Lean into the ones that make you light up.

Defining your Genius Zone allows you to channel your efforts into the work that fulfills you most. Reach out anytime if you need help mapping your talents and passions to unlock your Zone of Genius.

In fact, just click here so we can chat!  Let’s infuse your business with your unique brilliance, and who you were born to be!

Stay fabulous!


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Christelle Fernández

I’m Christelle Fernández, a Business Systems Strategist for Womenpreneurs.. I geek out on Systems and I help Womenpreneurs in online service-based industries get rid of chaos and overwhelm by leveling up their systems through automation and streamlining, as well as operational strategic consulting. As my mission, I want nothing more than for you to grow and scale a sustainable business. Throughout the years, I’ve helped many small businesses and entrepreneurs surpass their revenue goals by ensuring they have a solid foundation of systems to grow upon. Helping you become a successful, thriving business owner, would mean I’m living out my own vision.

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