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About Christelle Fernández

Hey Chica! I'm Christelle Fernández,

a Business Systems & Operatons Strategist for Womenpreneurs.

I geek out on systems and I work with women service providers to unlock their profitability and transformation by developing premium systems to push through stagnation in their growth. Through documentation, streamlining & automating, I create sustainability for their business, allowing them to serve high-ticket clients

and work on what they love most.  

My unique methodology journey I lead my clients on:

Strategy > Structure > Scalability > Sustainability > Saleability.  

As a tech agnostic, I make sure you don’t end up with platforms & tools that don’t work for how you do business, or an incomplete process map. In short, I take care of your systems so you have more time to take care of your clients,

and most importantly, yourself.

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